How To Eliminate Negative Thoughts

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“Today is going to be a great day.” I tell myself this every morning. It’s important that I get in the right mindset. Your mind is a battleground for negative and positive thoughts. The winning side affects your mood and well-being. In the end, you get to decide who the victor is. The negative thoughts are not yours. Their sole purpose is to drag you down and hold you back from your true potential. Once one of them sneaks its way into your conscious mind, then it will breed off your fears and multiply. The only way to beat it is to detach yourself from those thoughts. They are not you. You have no reason to be afraid of anything. You have survived every bad day so far, so why shouldn’t you be able to survive every other bad day.

Not only will you detach yourself from your negative thoughts, you will also detach yourself from your ego. Ego is what gets in the way of everyone getting along. Your ego is the identity that has been created for you and manipulated by your environment. It’s not the real you. Deep down you are perfect. Don’t forget that. We’re all perfect deep down, but our negative thoughts and our ego try to hold us back from our true potential. Therefore you must detach yourself.

Once you’ve detached yourself from your negative thoughts and your ego, then that is when the magic begins. You are another step closer to reaching your true potential. The journey to nirvana is very simple as long as you follow your heart and stick to your gut. You will experience high highs and low lows. As long as you do your best to keep a positive mindset and move forward, then you will be just fine.

Life is all about growth. We’ve spent many, many years evolving into what we are now and we haven’t stopped. We probably never will stop. Only time will tell. As you make your way along the path, you will slowly become the person you hope to be. Stay positive and help others. Sometimes to get to where you want to go, you have to help someone get to where they are going. You never know when you will be that person that will need help. It’s not a bad thing to need help. That’s why we’re all here. We are here to help each other out. That may not be how things are going right now, but I have a positive outlook on our future. This is a special time to be alive. Great things are going to happen, so lets get to work.

Be happy and share the love.

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