RQT: What Makes People Unique?

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This is our first Random Question Tuesday (RQT)! Today’s random question is: What makes people unique?

“I am looking for the bones of your father but cannot distinguish them from those of a slave,” said Diogenes to Alexander the Great. This is a great quote to show that we are all equal in death, but how about in life? Alexander’s father, Philip II of Macedon, may be equal to his slaves in death, but I think it is safe to assume that was not the same case in life.

In my experience, I’ve noticed that the 3 biggest factors that make up a person uniqueness is their:

  • luck
  • personal philosophy
  • actions

Some people start off luckier in life than others. They’re born to some politician or celebrity, and they get full support in whatever they’ve decided to do or get thrown into.  Others don’t start off as lucky. They’re born into poverty in a third world country, and are constantly reminded that they don’t have a chance at the big time. This is not the case, however, because anyone can overcome any odds . Luck is anything that you don’t have control over. Some things are meant to happen, had to happen, and were going to happen no matter what. I like to believe that everything balances out in the end. No matter how unlucky you may think you are, your luck will balance out in the end. The low ‘lows’ mean that there is a high ‘high’ right around the corner.

Everyone lives in their own world, therefore everyone has their own personal philosophy. I believe we are all independent in thought by nature, but we have been nurtured into following the wolf pack. Sometimes when we listen to other people and we don’t question anything, we perceive it as the truth. That unchallenged idea or thought then molds our mind. Enough exposure to this, and eventually some speaker can have thousands of zombie followers that don’t think for themselves. Anyone can overcome this. Whether or not someone is conscious of their own personal philosophy, their sub-conscious will act on it. Your personal philosophy is what you believe in. Why you think the world goes round. What you think your purpose in life is. Why you do what you do. You must ask yourself these questions and many more to find your personal philosophy. As you dig deep and discover more about yourself, your personal philosophy will become more clear to you. Discovering your personal philosophy is like getting into shape. The muscle is there. All you have to do is burn away the useless fat.

Luck. A personal philosophy. None of that matters, if it is not put into action. You can have the kindest intentions, but your actions could say otherwise. You want to be a generous and smart billionaire? Why not be a generous and smart poor man? Instead of aiming to be someone else, why not be the person that you want to be. Fake it until you make. Eventually, you won’t have to fake it, because you will make it.

That is what makes people unique. Their luck decides what obstacles are thrown at them. Their personal philosophy decides how they should deal with the obstacle at hand. Their actions are what they actually do. All of these shape a person’s character, and in turn, it creates that person’s uniqueness.

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