Everyone Is Worth A Chance

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Everyone is a stranger to you the day you are born. Depending on how that goes, the first people you get to know are your parents. They seem all-knowing, but only because you have no other sources to contest any declarations made that may actually be narrow-minded statements. As life goes on, you meet more and more people. With more people comes more ideas and different perceptions of those ideas. Different is hard to accept sometimes, because it is different and different means change. More times than not, change takes time to comprehend. Time is only relative, so why not give in to change. It’s always learn something, and learning something new is worth any cost.

The best kind of change is changing who you hang out with. You can learn something new from everyone. Don’t underestimate anyone, because they probably know at least one thing that you don’t. Unless you’ve lived as many days in their shoes as they have, then you probably don’t know what they’ve been through. Everyone has a different background, and it can be fun to hear about someone’s story. You may have nothing in common or maybe you have pretty similar roots, but no two stories are exactly the same.

Everyone is cool once you get to know them. As we grow up we are fed stereotypes and stories to scare us about other people. In all fairness, there are people out there that are not all that great. You should not have to fear anyone, but you should be aware that there are some people you should try to avoid. These people are not right in the head and intend to hurt others. No one has the right to take anyone’s life. With time more people will come to see that, but for now we have to work with what we have. We have the secret to nirvana. The secret is love. We are meant to mix and love everyone. We are not meant to separate and label ourselves. By labeling ourselves, we separate from the pack.

Why would you want to be alone? We are born alone and we die alone, but we do not have to live alone. Being loved is a great feeling, and it feels just as great to love someone. Love is a great tool that can help solve even the greatest of problems. Do not respond to hate with hate. Respond with love.

We have done great things living the way we have for a long time, separated, but imagine what we can do together. If everyone in the world came together, then we could accomplish things we once thought was impossible. Nothing is impossible if we help each other and work together.

I believe that one day we will travel amongst the stars. We will meet and help build new civilizations. We will be the all-knowing aliens that we awaited for ourselves. This is entirely possible. If you don’t think so, then you aren’t thinking big enough. Anything is possible if we all come together, so go ahead. Everyone is worth a chance.

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