The First Step

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“Well, first of all, through God [or science or any other higher power you may believe in] all things are possible , so jot that down.” – Mac from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Anything is possible. Whenever you think of an idea, write it down immediately no matter how crazy it may seem. Every idea is valuable, but only the great ones can stand the test of time. Not so great ideas still have a chance if you build off of it. You can build off of any idea. Try writing your idea in the center of a blank page. Draw a circle around it and branch outwards with ideas that all connect with the original idea.

the first step
When coming up with these ideas, ask yourself these 5 important questions:
1) What do I want to accomplish?
2) Where do I see myself a year from now? 5 years? 10 years?
3) How important is this to me?
4) Do I really want to do this? Is my heart in it?
5) Why?

If you can do all that, I guarantee you can make that idea work.

The only difficult part is thinking of an idea. Ideas are like farts. If you’re going to force it, you’re probably going to end up with shit. There is always the chance that it doesn’t turn out that way, but you have a better chance letting the idea come to you naturally.

I’m sure there are many ways to do this, but here is how I do it:
1) Relax. Do not stress out. Do not get angry. Just relax and keep a positive mindset. Be happy.
2) Set goals for your future. Ask yourself those 5 important questions and write down your answers. Every now and then go back to them. Change them if you want to, or even add to them. Just keep making goals. Envision the person you want to be, where you want to be, and what you will be doing. There is no such things as planning too far ahead, but be aware that the chances of your goals changing over time are high. As we get closer to the person we want to be, our real goals will become clear.
3) Now that you have an idea of which direction to head, start walking. Sometimes you may need to crawl, and sometimes you will feel like running. Just keep moving.
4) Have faith in yourself. Know you really can do anything. Anything that is worth something takes time, so be patient. Never ever doubt yourself. You can overcome anything.

As you walk the path to nirvana, you will come across many life changing obstacles. You may continue following this guide, or you may follow your on guide. Do whatever pleases you*. If you don’t know where to start, start here. This is the first step.

*I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this, because I would assume my audience is smart enough to know that when I say, “do whatever pleases you”, I am not advocating any acts of hate. I believe everyone should refrain from: killing; stealing; false, harsh and idle speech; and sexual misconduct. Needs to be said in this day of age. Thank you for reading. Have a great day!

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