Do You Have A Definite Plan?

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Do you have a definite plan?

An end goal?

These are all important questions to ask yourself. A lot of people say that visualizing what you want is important to achieving your goals, and so is actually knowing what your goals are. In my experience, I’ve found it easier to work backwards. Start off with what you want the final product to be or look like. Visualize it, then work backwards to find out the steps necessary to reach your vision. You can use this technique for practically anything: a film, a school project, or a budget. I’m not great at coming up with examples, but you get the picture.

Now, for some people, visualizing is the easier part; coming up with a definite plan is where things get tricky. Basically, your definite plan or end goal should have to do with what you are most passionate about. Something that you WANT to dedicate your whole life to. The key word there is “want” not “because I had to” or “my family/friends want me to”. You have to want to do it.

People are constantly changing their minds. Even you probably don’t have the same exact views you had ten years ago, so that is why you must be somewhat vague with your definite plan. It has to be specific enough so you know which way you want to go, but broad enough to give you room to work with in the future. For example, if you’re passion is to make movies or music or anything artistic, then your definite plan could be to make art. Art can be anything, so therefore, you have given yourself a multitude of options to venture as you continue your journey to better understand yourself. As time goes on, your definite plan may change, but if anything, it will only become more and more specific. There is nothing you can do wrong as long as you are moving onward and upward.

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