Better Late Than Never

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Today’s topic is inspired by my tardiness regarding my blog post. I usually try to post a new blog entry every morning, but here I am trying to type out 500 words a quarter past 8:00pm. A little voice in my head said to just forget and do it tomorrow. I am almost listened too, but then I remembered how I was just talking about how consistency is key.

It is better to be late to the party, than to never show up at all. So what if you are a little behind, you will be even further behind if you don’t start now.

Even if you are late, you still have a better chance than anyone else that won’t even take the first step. As long as you are doing something, then you are already winning. It may seem really shitty at first, but it will get better. Maintain that positive attitude. Don’t worry about the past. Look forward to the future and live in the moment. No matter what the case is, it is better to be late than never.


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