Action Speaks Louder Than Words

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“The world is changed by your example, not your opinion.” — Paulo Coelho

You can talk the talk all you want, but when it comes time to walk the walk will you be up for the challenge. Now is more important than ever to stand up for what you believe in. Everyone has a voice, so why shouldn’t yours be heard. Granted, not everyone has a popular opinion, but being an optimist, I like to believe that deep down we all just want happy and successful lives.

I believe everyone, even the worst of the worst, have a shot at redemption. In my case, I choose to put my beliefs into action by volunteering my time whenever possible and by helping those in need.

Now, your beliefs may not be the same as mine or maybe they are; all I ask of you, is to start doing something about it. Stand up for your beliefs. Stand up for your rights. Stand up for your brothers and sisters. Stand up for what is right. Don’t be an observer, the person who watches from the sidelines holding his phone out screaming “wurrrllll starrrr dur dur durrr”. Be the person that breaks up the fight. Be the peacekeeper. BE APART OF THE SOLUTION. If you are not apart of the solution, then you are just apart of the problem. Action surely does speak louder than words, so do something about it.

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