The Law of Cause and Effect

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Nothing happens by chance. Everything happens for a reason. Remember the law of divine oneness? Well, to quickly recap, everything is connected. Anything you do, say or think today will affect everything one way or another. Every action has a reaction or consequence. What you send out, will come back to either haunt you or reward you.

Whatever you give, you will get in return. Give goodness to those around you, and eventually, goodness will find its way back to you.

“If you want to look at this law from a philosophical point of view, every cause and effect had its worldly purpose to what we are experiencing today.

According to the nature of your actions, the Divine omniscient consciousness will assign corresponding effects.  In order to benefit yourself and society as a whole, mankind should use their free will of choice and perform good deeds with the awareness that what they think, act and speak about will effect the entire universe.  The prosperity of life is created by our own deeds in helping others through thoughts and actions. The motion or action will give appropriate result” —

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