You Choose Your Own Purpose

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I believe everyone and everything plays a crucial role in life. That crucial role could also be referred to as their purpose or destiny. Now, remember to keep an open mind, so in all honesty, I could be talking out of my ass right now. However, this is what I choose to believe, and it has done nothing but improve my life so why shouldn’t I believe it.

Now, back to what I was saying. Everyone has a purpose, but it’s not at all like a predetermined destination. I guess it could be depending on how you look at it, but what I’m trying to say is that you CHOOSE your purpose. You are the one that gets to choose the journey. In result, you are the one who gets to choose the destination. “Coincidentally”, it just so happens to be one of the biggest reasons why you were put on this earth. Does that make sense? Well, try not to think too much about it. You already know what your purpose is. You already have all the answers. You just have to start asking the right questions.

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