The Quitter’s Guide to Finishing: 101 Ways to Get Where You Want to Be

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Besty Schow’s The Quitter’s Guide to Finishing: 101 Ways to Get Where You Want to Be is this week’s book of the week.

In this 143 paged book, Betsy Schow shares her own personal experience of going from a quitter to a finisher along with sharing the valuable knowledge she gained along the way. Being filled with countless memorable quotes and numerous relatable stories, all 101 ways to get where you want to be are broken down into seven parts to help you along your journey. The seven parts are designed to help you: choose your mountain, plot the course, get your inner critic to pipe down, keep a steady pace, annoy the naysayers, claw your way to your goal, and then finally, enjoy the view.

The book also involves a little interaction to help keep you true to your word and your goal of becoming a finisher.  Within the first few pages of the book, you are asked to write in the space provided declaring the start of your journey to become a finisher. You are told to write: “I am a finisher. I promise I will cross the finish line no matter what”. The interaction doesn’t stop there. It continues on throughout the book every now and then until the last few pages. Personally, it helps a lot with staying engaged with the book. Almost as if it’s an assignment given to me by the universe.

Overall, the book is extremely motivating and actually quite thought-provoking. If anyone is looking for an easy read that can put you back in the grind, then this is the book I would recommend for you. Even if that doesn’t sound like the book for you, I would still recommend that you at least give this book a try. It is filled countless quotes that can be used to turn your day around such as “when you feel like quitting, when the finish line is not worth the struggle… think about why you started to begin with”.

I for one will definitely be referring back to this book for my own personal use and even for the blog.

Here are some more links to find the book online, or try a bookstore near you!

BUY HERE: The Quitter’s Guide to Finishing: 101 Ways to Get Where You Want to Be

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