Do Your Thoughts Control Your Mind?

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Your thoughts are what make up your mind. If your are constantly battling negative thoughts, then negative thoughts are going to be constantly running in the background. In your subconscious mind. 

You may not realise, but your subconscious mind rules over all of your actions. If you have a problem that is rooted deep in your subconscious, then you will find yourself acting in response to that problem. Let’s say “Jim” gave you a hard time in elementary school. You keep in contact with Jim for some reason, but deep down you kind of despise the guy. You guys are in high school now, and you’re “friends”. Well, that’s what Jim thinks, but you still hold a grudge because of the elemantary school days. The only way to move on is to deal with the problem head on. Confront your Jim. If your mind is clear, then the heart will always speak true.

Don’t let your thoughts control your mind. If you can’t control your mind, then how do you expect you to control your actions? 

Think of the person that you want to be. How would they think? Would they be thinking negative, hateful thoughts? Or would they be reinforcing their power with positive, loving thoughts? Love. Love is the answer. Breed thoughts of love and eventually it will snowball. 

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