How Are You Going To Live Your Life?

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As long as you don’t hurt anyone, then I don’t see why you can’t do whatever you want. So how does this affect the way you live? 

Well, for one, hopefully you show the same amount of respect to others, including strangers, that you wish to receive in return. Second of all, it means to never resort to violence. Violence is an unecessary tool. It should not even be referreded to as a tool, because it only creates more problems.

Every life is precious. There is evil and good on all sides. It is all a matter of perspective. 

Live and let live. Do whatever makes you happy, and let other people do what makes them happy. Who cares if they have a different religion, reproductive organ, skin color, etcetera. Try learning from those who have different views from you. You can learn something from everyone, and maybe it could be the next step in your journey to enlightenment. 

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