Is It Possible To Live Perfectly?

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Is it possible to achive all of your dreams? Is it possible to follow your hearts deepest desires with no opposition? Depending on how you answer these questions is a reflection of your reality. If you don’t believe you can, then you won’t. It is that simple.

Those who achieve greatness do not do so by believing it is impossible. They do it because they know they can. How else should you act other than with complete confidence? 

You are a god and you should act like it. I believe that any higher power would be intelligent enough to know that violence is never worth it. Not even as a last resort. In a perfect world, everyone will treat each other with compassion and will share their unconditional love with the world. We are not there yet, but what better way to get there than leading by example.

By being confident, having compassion, and thirsty for wisdom, then you are on your way to living perfectly. A perfect life awaits you.

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