Are We Living In Another Man’s World?

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Yep. We follow their laws, we use their money, and we were raised to believe this is normal. We’ve been playing by their rules all along, yet we somehow still feel in control of our lives. Why? Because we do not have full control. We can never truly do what we want, but we have the illusion that we can. The illusion that if we go to work, pay our taxes, and obey the laws, then we can “do whatever we want”. 

What if we don’t want to work? When we do what we love, we never work. Maybe we just want to enjoy life. What if… the world doesn’t have to be this way?

It doesn’t and I promise you it won’t be for long. Slowly people are awakening to the realities of our world. We are seeing the inhumanity that goes on behind the scenes. The suffering… and the death. People don’t have to suffer, and they surely don’t have to die. There is more than enough to around, but the greedy pretend like there isn’t.

The greedy pretend like the issue is more complicated than it seems. It is not. People are dying. We can save them. It’s that simple. It may not be easy, but it is simple.

You may be one person, but I promise you that you can help change the world. Start with yourself. Work on becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be then be that person. Next, help spread the message. Do it verbally yourself and/or share this post. #ThatIsTheSaintWay 

You Are Saint 

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