Inspirational Story Saturday – Dallas Hunter

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Dallas Hunter had his whole life planned out. At the time, he was going to school trying to obtain history and political science. He wanted to go to law school, so you know he had to be grinding hard. This whole idea of going to law school was already a given for Dallas since his father owned his very own law firm, and Dallas was expected to be the one to take it over. 

Over the summers, in between school, Dallas worked at his father’s law firm. Being acquainted with many other lawyers, his father was able to hook him up with jobs working at other firms. He worked and worked. The more he worked, the more he got a sense of what the rest of his life would be like, and that did not settle with him well. 

“At times I tried to convince myself that I liked what I was doing.”

No matter how hard he tried to convince himself, he knew he would not be satisfied with the life that this particular route offered. A year before his college career was over, he was really starting to get the feeling that this was not what he wanted to do. He was finding other passions in his life that he wanted to pursue. Passions that would take him elsewhere. One of those passions is film editing, and he knew that Los Angeles would be the place to go in order to catapult his newfound passion. His family was not happy with his new decisions, but he decided that it was better to fight for something he loves than to not fight at all. 

His new plan for life consists of using his video editing skills as the first step of entering the entertainment industry. He also has a dream of writing a script that will be his golden ticket for making it big. Until then, he wants to work for a bigger company’s such as BuzzFeed to add to his credetionals.

When asked what his end goal was, he replied:

“I want to be proud of what I am making, and to me, that is a life I can enjoy and be proud of.”

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