What To Do When Challenged

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I am referring to any challenges you may come across in life that test your true personality when you are provoked. It doesn’t matter how you were you were provoked. The only thing that matters in these situations is how you react. 

You are your reactions. How you react to a situation has an impact on you as an individual (even when you don’t think you may see it), and in turn, it affects every single person that you come into contact with. If you react with anger, you will be an angry person. As opposed to someone who is chill and always reacts in a chill manner. The same way that others have the potential to change your way of thinking is the same way that you have the potential to change everyone else’s lives. I say “potential”, because, while everyone may be impressionable enough to be changed, not everyone is as open to change as others. That could be for number of reasons. They don’t see your opinion worthy enough to even consider; they don’t really care; or they just want to do it their way. There are many possibilities, but you get the point. 

When you come across a challenge in life, this is basically anything that calls for a reaction. There are a number of ways you can react, but each situation is unique in its own. To make things easier, we can some up all reactions onto 3 categories:

  • Positive reactions
  • Negative reactions
  • No reaction / walk away 

Never ever go with a negative reaction. It will only create more problems. Not all problems can be seen from the outside. Some problems bubble under the surface until they erupt when you least expect it. Dont put yourself that situation by avoiding it entirely. Positive reactions should be your go to, and the walk away option should be reserved when you feel like you are about to give in to negativity. 

Be strong and carry on. Don’t let the negativity of others drag you down. Do what you must. Do what you love. Work through the challenges, and stay positive. Good things are coming. I promise. 

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